Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let the battle begin....

WOW, 2007 was full of incredible talent. It can be easy to forget all the awesomeness until you are looking back at the details of it all. It will be a hard decision this year.... I'm sorting it out slowly (pausing to reminisce along the way).

Here are the categories we used from last year.... (you can see last years winners here...)



The first categorical battle (best new band or debut album) manifested itself this past weekend when I saw Diagonals and White Denim play a quaint birthday party at OK Mountain Gallery. Here they are, two of my favorite new bands, performing in what was probably one of my favorite galleries this year at E.A.S.T. It was LOUD, it was gritty, it was unconventional, and it was just the punch I needed this December; I LOVED IT. I had an ear-to-ear grin between my busted ringing eardrums. The two bands are so talented with loads of potential and momentum to take them roaring into 2008. It may have to be a tie, cause I can't choose one (can you?).

THE DIAGONALS! (from left Todd (drums), Steve G (vox), Ryan (gtr)... not shown Wiley W (kybd), a new bass player that I forgot his name oops sorry)


WHITE DENIM (Bop - Terry - Mallard)!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Looking back and stepping ahead....

Wow, I can't believe 07 is almost over. F*&#in Sh*t

Well, I would have to say this has certainly been one of the more crazy (and busy) years of life. In a rough estimate I've personally seen over 65 music shows/events (most with 3 bands playing), played in 6ish derby bouts, attended 3 (or was it 4) music festivals, and heard countless hours of local music recorded for my enjoyment. Hey look, I'm still standing (though there was that incident that needed crutches).

In the coming weeks Dg and I will begin reflecting on the "Best of' 07's". If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them. We're going to work on getting live music from our fave's in this month.

I think..... 08 is going to rock! There are a couple of new new new bands that I'm really excited to follow in the new year.... Follow That Bird!, The Black & White Years, Ct. Dracula.... Then there are those which we know, but don't play that much... Low Line Caller, Belaire, The Diagonals... and of course my trusty old favorites.... Octopus Project, Horse+Donkey, Lemurs, Peel, Strange Boys....

*sigh* it's a wonderful life (a crazy one, but crazy wonderful)